Medmerry Primary School

River Beach Primary School

Rose Green Junior

Rustington Community Primary School

Edward Bryant School

East Preston Junior School

Downsbrook Primary School

Rose Green Junior School

Raleigh Road, Rose Green, Bognor Regis PO21 3NA

01243 262 317

Medmerry Primary School

High Street, Selsey PO20 OQJ

01243 602 738

Edward Bryant School

London Road, Bognor Regis PO21 1BG

01243 822 454

River Beach Primary School

York Road, Littlehampton BN17 6EW

01903 725 500

Rustington Community Primary School

North Lane, Littlehampton BN16 3PW

01903 785 271

East Preston Junior School

Lashmar Rd, East Preston, Littlehampton BN16 1EZ

01903 785 672 

Downsbrook Primary School

Dominion Road, Worthing, BN14 8GD

01903 230 467

The Schoolsworks Schools – Meet the Heads

River Beach Primary School is a large school in the heart of Littlehampton. We are very well-resourced and benefit from having large open outside areas for the children to use, including an outside gym and an adventure playground. A specialist unit for deaf children is attached to the school and children from across the County attend it. Our school is a happy place and our curriculum is creative and exciting which enables not only our children to become successful learners but also, to hopefully have fun whilst they do it! We understand that every child is individual, unique and has a wide range of talents and through this, our school aim is to give “Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day”.

River Beach Primary School joined the Trust in 2013 and quickly recognised the benefits of good schools sharing good practice together, whilst at the same time retaining their own identity. Staff at all levels have been able to establish an effective network where challenges are met as a group of professionals, rather than alone. Assessment, data analysis and subject specific leadership have all benefitted from the focused groups that work across the Trust and year teams regularly visit their colleagues in other schools. Alongside this, senior leaders meet regularly to share ideas, support and learn from one another.

Dave Ayers

Head of School, River Beach Primary School

River Beach School

Rustington Community Primary School was the first school to join Schoolsworks in 2013 and we have flourished ever since. Our academic results have been the best we’ve ever seen, while at the same time we have been careful to preserve our own ethos and culture.

The Schoolsworks team have ensured our continued improvement by sharing excellent practical ideas and by supporting all our staff through effective networks, all of which has helped us improve our educational provision. One of the key features of Schoolsworks is the focus on personal development and the quality of relationships. This thread runs throughout all our work, including children, staff, parents and those who assist with monitoring our performance.

Putting people at the heart of the organisation has always been my passion and it is good to work with schools which feel the same way.

Marie Smailes

Head of School, Rustington Community Primary School

Rustington Community Primary School

It is great to be able to work with senior leaders, teachers and support staff from the other schools in the Trust to share good practice and to learn from one another. The support that is provided to and from all of the schools in the Trust is invaluable and the resource pool of knowledge and expertise that I have available has now widened considerably beyond my own school.

My staff have really valued working with others across the Trust, especially with those carrying out the same or similar roles in different schools.  The future potential for further development of this work is significant and exciting, which will result in excellent professional development & career opportunities for our staff and improved outcomes for all our children.

Philip Craig

Headteacher, Rose Green Junior School

Rose Green Junior School

Edward Bryant School is a large primary school in the heart of Bognor Regis. There are three classes per year group and each class is in a family. Each family has a weekly celebration assembly and play together on a Friday. This means that the children are able to experience what it would be like to be part of a small school, whilst remaining part of a larger one.

All the staff have high expectations of pupils and their learning and the children usually leave our school with higher than national average attainment in English and Maths. The staff work together in close teams to plan work for children. We ensure the curriculum is varied, interesting and fun. We also ensure continuity in the children’s learning. As part of Schoolsworks, groups of staff meet regularly with each other to share and steal ideas! We are able to share resources with the other schools which enables us all to benefit from real school to school support.

Richard Waddington

Head of School, Edward Bryant School

Edward Bryant School

Medmerry Primary School is a small primary school in the seaside town of Selsey. The school takes pride in its community and its ‘village feel’, with just a single class in each year group, but with families who have known the school over a number of years. The school was graded as Good in its last inspection, shortly after joining the Trust.

With one teacher in each year group, it is invaluable for us to be part of the Schoolsworks Academy Trust to draw on expertise across a number of schools and to be able to share ideas with like-minded professionals. We also benefit from sharing ‘back-office’ functions which enable us to run a small establishment efficiently for the benefit of our pupils. The school selected to join the Trust, having previously been an independent academy, because it felt that the values of Schoolsworks aligned well with those of the school.

As headteacher, I value the opportunities to collaborate with colleagues in other schools within Schoolsworks. Their commitment to excellence ensures that as a school we feel supported to continue to improve the offer we make for our children, both at Medmerry and across the trust’s schools.

Michael Tidd

Head of School, Medmerry Primary School

Medmerry pic

East Preston Junior School (EPJS) is a friendly and happy school situated in the beautiful coastal village of East Preston. “Enjoyment and Excellence in all that we are and all that we do” is our school motto: we aim to provide exciting, meaningful and enjoyable educational experiences ensuring that all children have fun learning and achieve their academic potential. Our core values (responsibility, enjoyment, collaboration, kindness, excellence and respect) focus on providing a caring and nurturing environment to encourage our children to form positive relationships and become well rounded, resilient and confident individuals. EPJS currently has two classes per year group (years 3 to 6) but is at the very start of an exciting project to expand to 3 classes per year group.

EPJS joined the Schoolsworks Trust in May 2017. Schoolsworks’ commitment to excellence and its ethos of “people first” resonate with our own values. It is exciting to collaborate with like-minded people, to share ideas and learn from one another. A variety of groups meet together including School Community Councilors, head teachers, teachers and children so everyone benefits from the collaboration. The shared expertise within the Trust is invaluable providing challenge and support which enables us to develop further as a school, and provide the best for our children, staff, parents and the wider community.

We are looking forward to building on our successful introduction to academy life………….

Kathy Lockyear

Headteacher, East Preston Junior School

Medmerry pic

Downsbrook Primary School is a larger than average primary school in Worthing, with a long history dating from 1910. Our spacious site offers fantastic facilities, which include recently refurbished ICT suites, interactive whiteboards in every classroom, two spacious halls, a food technology room, music suite and a dedicated science lab. In 2018 Downsbrook converted to an academy and joined Schoolsworks, after the school was placed in Special Measures by Ofsted. The Schoolsworks network of good schools in the locality now provides us with a strong and supportive structure on which to build a positive future. We are working closely with the Schoolsworks team to share teaching methods and best practice to access the support we need in the short and longer term.

Being part of Schoolsworks will help ensure that Downsbrook has the best future possible.

Nick White

Executive Headteacher, Downsbrook Primary School

Medmerry pic

The Schoolsworks Schools OfSTED Quotes

Edward Bryant OfSTED Report June 2013


  • Pupils make good progress and achieve well.
  • Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs, and those entitled to the pupil premium, make good progress due to the quality of help and guidance they receive.
  • Teaching is good as it meets the needs of the different abilities of children and pupils.
  • The leadership team has worked hard and successfully to improve pupils’ progress.

The Schoolsworks Schools OfSTED Quotes

Medmerry Primary School – Report December 2014


  • The Schoolsworks Academy Trust has supported the acting headteacher in her role and helped her to raise expectations in the school. The trust, the governors and the senior leadership team work well together.
  • The acting headteacher, well supported by the governors and the academy trust, has raised expectations in the school.
  • Teachers engage pupils well and ensure that they learn effectively.
  • The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development strongly and successfully cultivates pupils’ sense of responsibility towards others and for the world.

The Schoolsworks Schools OfSTED Quotes

River Beach Primary School – Short Inspection Report March 2016


  • Staff, parents and pupils are overwhelmingly positive about all aspects of the school.
  • The cohesion, rigour and drive of the leadership team were commended at the previous inspection and leadership continues to be strong.
  • The pupils are proud of their achievements both in lessons and in the contribution they make to the wider life of the school.

The Schoolsworks Schools OfSTED Quotes

Rustington Community Primary – Short Inspection Report March


  • You have built a cohesive, motivated, well-trained staff team who are proud to be members of the school community.
  • The governance of the school has completely changed since the school converted to become an academy and joined the Schoolsworks Academy Trust. The different layers of governance work effectively to provide both challenge and support.
  • The academy trust provides a good level of scrutiny and challenge and the responsibilities of the board and local governing bodies are clear.
  • The school works closely with the four other schools in the trust, sharing expertise, ideas and training.
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Schoolsworks Schools – OfSTED Reports

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