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Schoolsworks Academy Trust

Schoolsworks Offer

Schoolsworks mission is centred around a culture of collaboration between staff, schools and pupils with the aim of ‘building children’s futures together’.

We are focused on creating local, cohesive hubs of schools that know each other well and support each other’s improvement. With this in mind, we aim to see all schools within the Trust improving, all children reaching their potential and all staff enjoying fulfilling careers. The offer we provide to schools wanting to join a Trust is an opportunity to work closely with a small group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about inspiring their schools and developing the best possible outcomes for their children.

Schoolsworks provides:

  • Local school-based partnerships
  • A high proportion of Good schools
  • An effective school to school improvement model
  • Visionary and collaborative leadership
  • Commitment to developing excellence in school leadership and in teaching and learning

Schoolsworks School Improvement Model

Our School Improvement Model can be found here

Schoolsworks Operational Offer

Our Finance offer to schools

Our HR offer to schools

Our Premises and Compliance offer to schools




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