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Our Governance

As prescribed in our funding agreement with the Department of Education and in our Articles of Association, The Board of Directors of Schoolsworks Academy Trust are also its trustees and the governors of all our schools.  The company members are the custodians of the overall vision of the Trust and their roles and responsibilities are also set out the Articles. 

Schoolsworks' organisational chart can be found here.  

 Our Members


Role of the Company Members


The key roles of the Company Members of the Trust are determined by the Trust’s Articles of Association and include the following:

  • The removal of any of the Directors
  • Amendments to the Articles of Association when and if required
  • Changes to the name of the Trust

While in strict company law terms, the role of the Company Members are limited, through these specific roles, and in particular with regard to the powers to appoint and remove Directors, the Company Members are seen as the guardians of the vision and mission of the Trust:  if they are concerned about the direction of the Trust, then they have the ability to exercise their powers to remove members of the Board of Directors.  They will meet at least once a year, usually in January, to receive the Annual Report and audited accounts from the Directors and to appoint the auditors.

David Chaffe

Dave's background is commercial having established a successful SME in the Arun area.  He also has extensive experience as a non-executive director and trustee in the charity sector, most notably helping to establish Peaceworks, for which charity he served on its board from 1999-2014.  


Linda Dale

Linda has spent her life in teaching and before retirement was headteacher at Rose Green Junior School.  She served a term of office as Academy Director, representing the chairs of the school community councils on the board, and she continues to serve on the SCC of Edward Bryant School.  


Jonathan Funnell

Jo is a chartered builder and has led surveying and architecture consultancies over a number of years.  His background with schools has been both professionally and in governance.  Initially as parent governor at River Beach Primary School, Jo was appointed as a director and ultimately chair of Schoolsworks' board for a 4-year term.  


Nicholas Henton

Nick has worked in a number of posts in staff development and as a trainer in the FMCG sector and is currently employed by Camelot.  Nick was co-chair of governors at Edward Bryant School when Schoolsworks was founded in 2012 and served a term of office as the inaugural chair of the board.


Elizabeth Smart

Lizzie's background is in initial teacher training and she is well known and respected locally having worked with many schools over the years whilst based at the University of Chichester.  She was one of the founding directors of Schoolsworks Academy Trust, having been a community governor at Edward Bryant Primary School before its conversion


If you wish to contact the Members please write to members@schoolsworks.org

Our Directors

Schoolsworks is primarily governed by a Board of Directors, who are also the trustees and the governors of our schools.  They bring together a range of skills and experience from within and around the education sector.

A full organisational chart including the Board, committees and local governance structures can be viewed here.

Sue Hawthorn | Chair of the Board

Sue Hawthorn, Chair of the BoardSue became a Governor of Downview Primary School in December 2003, Chair of Governors in September 2008 and still holds that position today.

Following an Ofsted rating of Outstanding in 2011 Sue helped with the conversion of the school to a stand-alone Academy in September 2013. She is also a founder member of the Chairs Information Exchange Group. Schoolsworks invited Sue to join as a Co-opted Director in September 2014.

Adam Hackett | Director

Adam is a Director of Schoolsworks Academy Trust, having been appointed in December 2016.

Adam has founded three successful sales and service businesses, has forty-five years’ experience of managing capable and creative people and has a record of driving outstanding results. He is a passionate supporter of young people of all ages.

Adam has held board responsibilities in large businesses, is a business mentor and is Deputy Chairman of P3 Social Inclusion Charity which improves lives and communities by delivering services for socially excluded and vulnerable people to unlock their potential and open new possibilities.

Stella Turner | Director

Stella is a retired Teacher/Special Needs Coordinator who has worked in a range of schools across three Local Authorities with her most recent experience being working with West Sussex Special Needs and Assessment Team.

Stella worked closely with Downsbrook Primary school, the Local Authority and the Trust during the school’s conversion to an Academy and increased her knowledge and understanding of school Governance during this time.  Stella is passionate about giving children and adults the best chance in life and her work as Chair of Downbrook School Community Council, and West Sussex Mediation Service, as a Community Mediator, gives her plenty of opportunities to fulfil this ambition!

Norman Rose | Director

Norman Rose is an experienced solicitor with a particular interest in corporate governance in non-profit organisations.

One of Norman’s personal interests is vocational education and training where, from 1998 to 2010, he was an active participant in developing and implementing government policy.

In December 2016 he was appointed a non-executive director of Schoolsworks.

Paul Jones | Director

Paul is a Headteacher at Orchards Junior School and CEO of the Sparkle Multi Academy Trust in Worthing.

He has been a Headteacher for 20 years. Paul gained a PhD in Educational Leadership from the University of Southampton in 2001 and in 2017 he was awarded the position of National Leader in Education. He is also a qualified School Improvement Partner and Performance Management External Advisor supporting many schools in the West Sussex locality.

Paul has also made several high profile presentations to colleagues on a range of subjects including a TEDx talk on creating a school culture and on behalf of the Department for Education.

Stuart Collins | Director

Stuart Collins works as the Transport Provision Manager at West Sussex County Council, where he has been employed since 2005.

Stuart was a parent at Rose Green Junior School, where he also serves as a community member of the School Community Council there.

The Board appointed Stuart as a Director and his management experience in the public sector is a welcome addition.

Executive Directors