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Rustington Primary School Launches Laptop Campaign

Rustington Community Primary School, one of our family of schools on the south coast, has launched a community campaign to ask local people to donate laptops to support pupil’s learning. Rustington educates 600 children and hopes local people and businesses can help support children’s learning by using the school as a base for recycling any old or unused laptops.

The aim is to equip one whole year group of 90 children with their own device so that each one can access the resources being supplied by the school. This includes a library of 5000 digital books, live lessons and interactive learning activities. The devices would be used both at home and at school so will be used to continue to provide high quality learning when the children return to school.

 Marie Smailes, Head of School at Rustington, is keen to provide the best learning for pupils in very difficult circumstances, and over what looks to be an increasingly long period. Many Rustington pupils are trying to access learning remotely, in busy households, with parents working and multiple children sharing one device. She’s asked that if anyone has an old or unused laptop at home or work, it could be donated to the school to be used to help continue education remotely. All devices will of course be dealt with securely with all data removed before use.

If you can help make a difference to a child in the local area please email Give-A-Laptop@rustington.academy to find out how to drop off a laptop safely or offer support in getting the devices ready to be used. Any additional devices would be shared with local schools and children's charities in the area. We’re also keen to hear from any local businesses or IT professionals who could support in removing data and preparing the laptops for use by the children.