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Schoolsworks Peer Mediation Conference in the news!

Schoolsworks has delivered its third and largest one-day peer mediation conference for more than 100 primary school children in West Sussex - and was featured in latest edition of the Bognor Post (see page 10) . The event, which was held at Butlins in Bognor Regis, brought together groups of children from across Schoolsworks’ seven schools to provide information about peer mediation and the rights of the child. The session also involved the 20 teachers and other staff who have responsibility for the peer mediation programme in each school. 

The conference offered the children a full day of peer mediation revision, with opportunities for role play and small group training. Schoolsworks runs peer mediation programmes in each of its schools, enabling junior age children the opportunity to apply and become a Peer Mediator. Peer mediation provides an effective conflict resolution technique whereby school children act as mediators with their peers, helping to develop effective life skills, conflict resolution tools and support to anti-bullying strategies. 

A team of 12 secondary school pupils from The Regis School in Bognor Regis also joined the conference to lead an afternoon workshop with the children. The Regis School is a Rights Respecting School – one that puts the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) at the heart of its planning, policies, practice and ethos. The Rights Respecting Ambassadors from The Regis shared their ideas about a child’s right to happiness, one of the key elements supporting good peer mediation. 

Chris Seaton, CEO of Schoolsworks, commented: “This event fulfilled our aspirations in throwing the net wider for the children who act as peer mediators. Rather than just offering refresher training to ensure they are well equipped for dealing with playground and friendship issues, the children came away with a clear understanding of how their roles contributed to the important element of global citizenship. We are very proud of our peer mediation programmes and I look forward to continuing to champion this important element of developing the whole child across our schools. Our thanks to the whole Butlins team for their professionalism and generosity in hosting the use of their superb facilities for the benefit of West Sussex school children.”  


Seb Toy, peer mediation coordinator at East Preston Junior School, added: “This was a fantastically successful conference. Since introducing peer mediation here we have seen playground disputes significantly reduce – which is brilliant for the children and an incredible support for our lunchtime supervisors and staff too.” 

Molly-Mae of Rose Green Junior School concluded: “I really enjoyed the PM conference 2020! It has been an amazing experience for me and my fellow students.”



 Peer mediators from all 7 schools in the Trust working together