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Schoolsworks Academy Trust

Admissions Consultation and WPS PAN consultation

Schoolsworks Academy Trust are currently consulting with regards to our Trust-wide School Admission Arrangements for pupil admissions from September 2024.  This is a requirement of the School Admissions Code even where there are relatively minor amendments to the overall arrangements including the oversubscription criteria.


We are bringing together the admissions arrangements for all our Trust schools.  Our Primary schools already all work to the same oversubscription criteria (Appendix i).  Our two junior schools, Rose Green Junior School and East Preston Junior School have slightly different transfer criteria, both of which are given in Appendices ii and iii.


During this period we are also consulting on reducing the PAN (pupil admission numbers) at Whytemead Primary School, and we have included a business case for this matter with these papers.


We are inviting comments and feedback from staff members, parents, local schools & nurseries, local residents, the Local Authority and any other persons or groups that would like to make a comment.


The consultation period is from 17th October to 12th December 2022.


Please take time to read through our Admissions Arrangements and inform us of any comments you may wish to make.


The proposed arrangement can be accessed below by downloading the Draft Trust-wide Admissions Policy, which is alongside the consultation document for  the reduction of WPS PAN.  Should you have any comments to make on either matter, please download the feedback form.


Feedback forms can be posted to the school or e-mailed to office@schoolsworks.org by Monday 12th December 2022.


Yours sincerely,



Cathy Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Schoolsworks Academy Trust


Click here for the Draft Trust-wide Admissions Policy

Click here for the Admissions Consultations feedback form

Click here for the consultation document regarding the reduction of PAN at Whytemead Primary School, Worthing

Click here for a copy of Cathy William's letter above

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