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Latest News

The ramblings of a Head

The dream job? New to headship? A collection of thoughts… By Marie Smailes, Head of School, Rustington Primary School I’m actually a Head! I was appointed this time last year as the Head of Rustington Primary; a large school with supportive parents, an established reputation and a history of both good attainment and progress so I must have done something right at interview! But... is it what I expected? I’ve had lots of experience as a Deputy Head in a range of different situations and as part of a team which took a school from RI to Good. So...

Medmerry Secures Good Ofsted Rating

One of the first schools to join Schoolsworks - Medmerry Primary School in Selsey - has secured another Good rating from Ofsted, following its inspection in December 2018. The inspector praised the friendly, welcoming and well behaved pupils and recognised the work which has been done to raise both the quality of teaching and the curriculum taught in the school since the last inspection. The report noted the breadth of the curriculum taught at Medmerry, alongside the wide range of extra-curricular experiences that are included to help extend...

Talented Teachers Project – An Update

As a Trust we are passionate about developing, nurturing and encouraging good teaching. It will come as no surprise that we fundamentally believe that good teaching leads to positive outcomes – both for children and the professional development of staff. In a bid to harness, share and support good teaching we initiated a project to closely observe of a group of our well-performing teachers. The aim of the exercise was to identify whether they shared common characteristics and behaviours which could then replicated by colleagues wanting to...

After Headship . . . what next?

After Headship… what next? It was a quiet morning in early August when I packed up my final box of bits - a whistle, some books and big ball of blu tack - and finally left my headship at Rustington after 11 happy years. Driving five minutes across town, I found myself standing at my new desk in the Schoolsworks office, wondering where to put my tea bags. The transition from headship to being the Deputy Director of Teaching and Learning happened all too quickly. Transitions happen to all of us at some point or other and they’re not always...

Academisation – where’s it all going?

As a Trust, Schoolsworks is in its seventh year and seven is an interesting number (if you are into that sort of thing).  Sometimes described as the perfect number, in terms of organisational growth, seven years means that the stages of ‘forming’, ‘storming’ and ‘norming’ should now be complete.  Which raises the question, are we ‘performing’? To answer that question requires both a look within and outside the organisation.   A look within.. From the inside, my first response would be to say that we’ve learned that academisation is no miracle...

Staff Focus

Rhiannon West - Edward Bryant School

Hi! I’m Rhiannon and I’ve just finished my NQT year at Edward Bryant School. It was never my plan to stay in the area after graduating from university but after completing my final school placement at Edward Bryant, I knew I’d struck gold and so refused to leave! What set Edward Bryant apart from my other school placements was the incredibly welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I didn’t feel like a student, I felt instantly like part of the team and that feeling has only grown as I’ve been welcomed into the Schoolsworks Trust as a qualified teacher. Being part of an academy that so highly values the wellbeing of both staff and the children alleviates much of the stress that is commonly associated with teaching. Every moment of the day, I feel supported by my colleagues and I know there is always someone to lend a hand, share an idea with and even save me a slice of cake!