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Maximising potential

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Cultivating curiosity

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Sustaining positive relationships

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Developing the whole person

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Latest News

Downsbrook Primary School joins Schoolsworks

Downsbrook Primary School has completed its academy conversion and joined our Trust. A new Head of School, Ms. Just Jeffrey, has also been appointed, and she will take up the post in September 2018. The addition of Downsbrook Primary School takes the number of schools in our multi-academy trust to seven. We were chosen to sponsor Downsbrook, based in Worthing, after the school was placed in Special Measures following its Ofsted inspection in September 2017. As a result of this judgement, the Department for Education passed a Direct Academy...

Talented Teachers Group

Evidence over a number of years has continued to confirm a single truth about the difference between good pupil attainment and anything less than good: good teaching leads to good outcomes. Yet producing and sustaining a staffroom of consistently talented teachers has never been easy, and with the current climate of teacher shortages and pressures on professionals, it is no easier now.  In this context, as a small multi-academy trust, with a commitment both to excellence and to collegiate working, we are determined to provide opportunities...

MAT Measures – Multi Academy Trust League Tables

The DfE recently published its MAT Measures performance league tables, showing the progress data of Multi-Academy Trusts that have been open with more than one school for at least 3 years. The document, published earlier this term, does carry to caveat that ranking MATs from the data carries dangers given differences in the size of MATs, the type of schools and other variations. However, we were pleased to see that the data shows that among MATs Schoolsworks’ progress performance is close to average in Maths and Writing and well above average...

Lessons learned from a school in Special Measures

Even before I was working in education full-time, the work of Professor Ken Robinson arrested my attention. His TED talks are a source of inspiration on how to put priorities in the appropriate order and do things right, even when the pressure is to meet someone else’s agenda. I particularly appreciate what he says about the things we can learn from children with special educational needs and disabilities - a humility to learn from those traditionally seen as a problem can open new insights. In the same spirit, I wanted to say a few things...

An unbalanced life . . .

Received wisdom is that in life we should strive for balance.  Yet, when I think back at the times in my life when I have felt most happy or fulfilled, they have probably been the most unbalanced of times. Falling in love.  Writing a book.  Visiting children in a war zone.  Training for a sports event.  Getting lost in some research or study.  My wife, Lotty, will tell you that when I ‘get into’ something, I am anything but balanced!  When I am full-on living these things, I certainly don’t devote equal proportions of my time and energy to...

Staff Focus

Shannon Lasham

My name is Shannon and I’m a Mid-day Meals Supervisor at Rustington Community Primary School. I help the children with their lunch and then help supervise their playtime.

I only ever see happy children and the atmosphere here is great. My favourite moment recently was a massed game of Duck-Duck-Goose with about 60 children!