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Maximising potential

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Cultivating curiosity

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Sustaining positive relationships

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Developing the whole person

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Correcting the Grammar – A Personal Story

On 7th August the Sunday Telegraph reported that the government planned to lift a ban on new grammar schools, which are allowed to select pupils at age 11 on the basis of ability.  At their height in the 1960s, grammar schools educated nearly 25% of pupils in England. Then, in the mid-1960s, the Labour government sped up their conversion into comprehensives, almost with a sense of ideological violence.  Anthony Crosland, the education secretary, declared he would “destroy every [expletive deleted] grammar school in England”.  Some local...
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School governance in a maintained school

The traditional model of school governance in a maintained school is generally well-established and understood. A group of volunteers drawn from the parent body, from the wider community and (historically) from local authority appointees form a governing body to hold the headteacher and school leadership to account. The watchwords to describe the role of this body have been ‘to challenge and to support’. At its best, this model works well with external eyes, who are experienced in other fields of community and professional life, bringing new...
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Applying to Open a Free School

When the Conservative government was elected in May 2015 one of its flagship policies was to set the bold goal of opening an additional 500 free schools within the life of its five-year fixed term.  This was backed by a budget of £13 billion, marking it as a conveyor of some of its key centre-right values of choice, freedom and enterprise.  To achieve this goal, the Department for Education needs a group of willing applicants who are seen as financially and educationally competent to run schools and who don’t mind the labour and risk involved...
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Staff Focus

Jane Wickham

Jane-Wickham-LSA-MPSJayne Wickham works in Medmerry Primary School as a Learning Support Assistant.  One of her responsibilities is to coordinate the School’s Council. Jayne says, she loves working with members of the Council, she said that she is always amazed by their enthusiasm and originality. No meetings are ever the same,  the children are always thinking of different challenges, which she is proud to be part of.


Portia and Daniel from Year 3 said they really enjoy working with Mrs Wickham because ‘she is always encouraging and thoughtful’. Harvey and Yixuan from Year 1 think Mrs Wickham is ‘very kind’.